Renovation process from start to finish

Bedroom Office Moultonborough

"Susan and I want you to know how much we appreciate the hard work and expertise you both brought to our project. The result is outstanding. Our requirements were somewhat unique- building a room that functions as a den, a bedroom, and an office without looking like the three components were jammed together. Incorporating a Murphy bed and an electric fireplace added to the challenge. Not only does the room meet our functional requirements, it looks stunning."

"I just want to take this opportunity to echo Tom's comments of earlier today. When we initially envisioned the possibilities for this room, we had high hopes it could be redesigned in a way to suit multiple needs but we also wondered if we were asking too much for this size room. However, with your guidance and expertise, the end result surpassed our expectations. Your attention to detail and the thought process you put into the design, execution, and construction of this room was exceptional."

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Murphy Bed
Murphy Bed Desk Office Area
Murphy Bed Entertainment Center
Murphy Bed Office and Entertainment Center